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  • a challenge accepter
  • a curious person
  • a problem solver
  • a soccer player
  • a snowboarder

with experience on

  • Agile Environments
  • PHP 5.6
  • Redis 2.6
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Disaster recovery plans and risk mitigation
  • High Traffic Applications
  • Caching techniques
  • Database design and optimization
  • API Development
  • Load Balancers
  • Virtualized Environments
  • Team building and Management
  • Talent hiring

PornHub @ Mindgeek

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PornHub was started in Tue, May 3rd 2011, requested by Mindgeek to be used mostly in Canada. You can visit this project by clicking on it's address:

Information about PornHub

English I've been the only PornHub developer during a period of 2 or 3 months; until my manager assigned another PHP programmer to work with me. At that time the project was growing at high speed but the company was missing resources. Two months later we got another member in the team, a very experienced PHP software developer who came to the team to take the leading position, according to my manager's expectations. Of course it was not announced to us like that, it's hard to face 2 developers who are taking care of a project to tell them "the new guy will be your lead", isn't it? And so far we were doing a good job.

Some weeks later another web developer joined the team, and since then we needed somebody to take for real the leading position. It's not easy to have a big projects in hands of four high skilled programmers without anybody taking the lead. Where were we going? Who will coordinate all tasks? With four people in a team, the product managers started to request more from us, but we were lacking internal management. Four creative minds are not a guarantee of success, if each of them pull in the wrong direction. That's why I've talked with my manager to help me to take the leading position: I was the developer with most experience in that particular project and I had a couple of innovative ideas to apply on it. That's how I became, for a period of 5 months, the PornHub lead developer. The biggest project in the company -in terms of revenue- was on my hands while I was learning on my own -with some help of my superior, some management books mixed with MySQL, Sphinx and Redis manuals- how to manage a team. I've proposed many changes in the daily tasks, changes in the workflow, in the way we were interacting with other teams such as web designers, front-end developers, product managers, advertisers, quality assurance and system administrators among others; and established a working way that nowadays is still in use, even if I am not managing the team anymore.

At that time I was responsible of reviewing all changes in the project -code, database structure, new implementations, caching strategies, infrastructure- while another member of the team was in charge of task assignements. This gave me the opportunity to focus 100% in the technical aspect of the project and making sure that each release was fully stable. I was getting all commits in the Development branch and merging them in the Production branch according to requirement's priorities, and only me was allowed to make changes in the production environment. Nobody than me was allowed to deploy. I decided what was going to live and what will stay in the development branch until was fully optimized, always keeping happy my product manager.

But that was not the end. Such a big project as PornHub can not be handled by somebody who's making the first steps on management. The best thing to do at that moment for my career, for Manwin and for the project was to change the lead of the team for a more experienced developer. Somebody older in the company. That's how I got switched with another lead programmer; he took PornHub and I took part of his workload. I've got assigned a team of three new Manwin employees to work on four projects simultaneously. Given that I had the experience of managing a single big project before; with the team change the challenge was to keep being focused in four different projects, training new developers to feel comfortable in the company, making them feel confident on themselves and on myself to deal with high-traffic volume while mixing different technologies and dealing with external teams. My story continues on my next position: lead software developer at Manwin Canada

About PornHub: its based on 100% object-oriented PHP using an in-house framework. The technologies involved in PornHub are mostly MemCached -we were moving away from it when I was leading the team-, MySQL databases with replication, Sphinx as the search engine, multiple external services on REST calls and Redis as a NoSQL database. It's hosted in 10 web servers behind a high-availability proxy, has 8 relational database servers, six Redis servers, four Memcached and four Sphinx.

nmac (at) nmac com ar

Montréal, QC, Canada;
or Buenos Aires, Argentina.

+1 438-821-NICO